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Axon (formerly Taser) is a technology company who specialises in law enforcement solutions ranging from stun guns to police body cameras. We were tasked with developing a catalogue-browsing software tool that could be used in an exhibition setting to help Axon collect sales leads.

The challenge

Working alongside two other creative agencies, our job was to develop a solution that would run on iPads in a POS-type environment. To complicate matters we had a very short time frame (in the order of days) to devise, develop and test our product in time for the exhibition.

Axon homepage screenshot (click to enlarge)Axon sign-up form screenshot (click to enlarge)Axon tasers product page screenshot (click to enlarge)Axon cameras product page screenshot (click to enlarge)

Various screens from the Axon tablet web-app

The solution

To minimise development overheads, we opted to build a temporarily hosted web-app accessible via the Axon exhibitor iPads. By utilising the tablets’ kiosk mode we were able to limit their usage to the display of our software. We wired our app up to a popular 3rd party email marketing service to make use of their data storage facilities. This absolved us of the need to develop a server-side component to our solution.

Sign-up form for 'Axon Insider' screenshot (click to enlarge)Sign-up form to test & evaluate Axon products screenshot (click to enlarge)

Bold and beautiful tablet-friendly sign-up forms

The results

We were able to outline and develop a workable solution to this POS problem in a matter of days. Over the weekend of the exhibition the iPads running our software were used by hundreds of people, many of whom lodged requests for additional information about Axon’s products and services, thus furnishing the company with invaluable leads.

Fantastic, thanks for turning this around so quickly. Good stuff!

Daniel, Head of Design, The Wordworks
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Our involvement in this project included the following:

  • Solution consultancy
  • POS tablet software development
  • User details collection

We made use of these technologies along the way:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • AJAX

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