Go Tripod

What we do

How we apply our tools and skills

We solve your business problems using bespoke software by working with you to understand how you can grow.

Workshops & discovery

Software doesn’t exist in isolation. That’s why off-the-shelf packages can often be the wrong fit for a company. We work with you before writing a single line of code to learn about your business and where it needs to go in years to come.

Web app development

Bespoke web applications backed by our workshop findings and our years of experience. Our flexible team will use the most appropriate technology to solve the problem at hand, building a solution that is a pleasure to use.

We work on both customer-facing and B2B (business-to-business) projects, and tailor everything based on our discovery process. Whether you need bells and whistles or streamlined process, we’ve got what you need.

Digital transformation using the cloud

Cloud technology can offer significant benefits from on-premises setups. As well as cost savings and avoiding upgrade and maintenance burdens, the cloud offers a path to transform your business and elevate it above your competitors. At Go Tripod we have plenty of experience in providing advise and developing transformative cloud software, meaning the sky is the limit for your business.

Paperless migrations

While digital transformations are often powered by the cloud, there are many paths by which we can help you reduce your administration burden and will digitise your paper trail. By doing so, we’ve seen our clients move from printed PDF forms to online forms with a fantastic user experience, immediate feedback, and integration into other systems.

Dedicated developers

If your existing development department needs a boost, we can provide developers that integrate with your staff and processes to bring a leap forward in productivity. With flexible plans which work for you, we can quickly source experts that can help you get ahead of the game.

CTO As A Service – technology experts on demand

A Chief Technology Officer, or CTO, is often a critical missing link as a business grows. We believe every modern business is a software business, whether they know it or not. Go Tripod’s expert founders can act as your representative when making crucial decisions on software and technology and help you get ahead of the competition.

Got an idea for a project?

Need a website? Web-enabled software to streamline your business? Just some advice?