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Antimatter shot to fame via their award winning Rising Storm series of PC games. They approached us to build a teaser microsite for an up-coming project called ‘83. The game is a multiplayer FPS set in an alternate reality where the Cold War escalated to full-blown conflict.

The challenge

The microsite had to be ready to meet a strict deadline that would coincide with the game’s public unveiling at an industry event. We used WordPress for the job as its built-in content management tools suited the tight schedule and allowed us to develop the website whilst Antimatter finalised their content and graphical assets.

Project screenshot (click to enlarge)Project screenshot (click to enlarge)

The microsite's homepage and sign-up page

The solution

The website features a faux green-screen terminal boot sequence that leads to an immersive, parallax scrolling splash page. We leveraged WordPress 5’s Gutenberg editor to allow for rapid incorporation of multiple page templates and light-boxed image galleries.

Project screenshot (click to enlarge)Project screenshot (click to enlarge)

Additional microsite pages including Gutenberg's image gallery

The results

Within two days of launch the newsletter signup routine we’d incorporated in the website had attracted 850 confirmed subscribers and the YouTube trailer featured on the site’s homepage had amassed 58000 views. Meanwhile, our rock-solid WordPress hosting platform kept the website lightning fast pumping out, on average, 3.5GB of data to 1200 daily visitors.

We used Go Tripod on a project with very tight timeframes to great success. They were courteous and professional throughout, helped us achieve our goals, and saw us through technical hitches at the 11th hour.

Toby Ellis, Producer, Antimatter Games
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Our involvement in this project included the following:

  • Website framework design
  • CMS integration (WordPress)
  • Custom WordPress development

We made use of these technologies along the way:

  • HTML
  • SCSS
  • PHP
  • Twig

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