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Turning Business Data Into Real-Time Business Intelligence

Ok, so we know access to business intelligence is crucial to all those involved in making a business successful.

This applies not only to the CEO but all the way down to the telephone operators and order pickers. Everyone needs measureable data to understand how well (or not so well) they’re doing.

At Go Tripod we have a whole host of things we need to track and measure – everything from sales enquiries through project statuses to accounting particulars. We also manage a large number of client applications and services with agreed response times for when things occasionally go awry.

All of these areas of our business generate a vast amount of data, much of it in real-time. Some of this data is used to fire off alerts to which we need to rapidly react but other data, when analysed, provide very useful performance insights.

Of course, not all metrics benefit from real-time monitoring but there are those that can provide invaluable information.

So, for a bit of fun, we built a real-time dashboard tool. Here’s a screenshot (utilising dummy financial data):

You can view this dummy example online realtime here >>

This demo is for a financial dashboard but we’ve extended the same tool for in-house social media monitoring, application server loads and project build statuses. In fact, any system or combination of systems that churn out data can be wired up to our real-time dashboard tool.

For demonstration purposes, we’ve made this example publically accessible but, naturally, dashboards dealing with sensitive data can be made highly secure and completely private.

Our dashboards are responsive so that they work, and look, just as good on mobiles, tablets and desktops and we’ve gone so far as to put up a screen in the office where our essential data is available to us in real-time all the time.

Want One?

We’ve had several clients express an interest in this technology so we decided to make this available to all. Drop any of us a line and we’ll have a chat about how we can help you become more aware of your own real-time business metrics. The dashboards can be integrated into almost any enviroment or system, or run standalone.

In an age where everything is measurable, turning your business data into business intelligence can be invaluable.

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