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Jack of all trades? Or master of one?

An early temptation when setting up a development shop is to diversify: to provide logo design, SEO assistance, print work, marketing. The ability to sell yourself to clients as a one stop shop is compelling, with the idea being that you can capture more work and provide a better experience for customers.

At Go Tripod, we don’t work that way.

We’re software developers and web experts. We like focus. By being up front and telling clients that we concentrate on what we do best, we can avoid spreading ourselves too thinly. The flip side of being a one stop shop is that there’s a lack of group knowledge about software best practices, such as using source control, automated testing, or keeping up to speed with the latest tools.

What happens when our clients do need other services? Then we hit our network. We can reach out to those who are using our approach: focusing on what they do best. That means that we can call upon the outstanding people in a particular field, bringing in specialists where needed. We’ll use Teamwork to bring everyone together to make sure the lines of communication remain clear, and in doing so can create projects that are greater than the sum of their parts.

We know code, and we know the web. Let us show you.

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By Colin Ramsay, Technical Director
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