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Clade are an NYC-based startup who approached us with an intriguing project idea. They wanted to create an exclusive, invitation-only, online members’ club – a place to bring together investors, philanthropists and fine art collectors through the medium of a mobile app.

The challenge

Clade wanted an app that would disrupt a traditionally offline mindset by encouraging its users to further their business and charitable goals in a social networking environment. As a start-up they also needed to find a balance between building a great product (a fully-fledged social media platform, no less) and bringing that product to market.

Homepage screenshot (click to enlarge)House rules screenshot (click to enlarge)

Teasers from the Clade website

The solution

Working alongside a small team of other hand-picked developers we were able to combine a host of technologies to develop the app in around 18 months. The app was built using React Native and the server portion utilised Node.js and Express. This means that, at its core, the entire service was reliant on JavaScript which reduced friction between developers focussing on different areas of the solution.

App home screenshot (click to enlarge)In-app screenshot (click to enlarge)

Example screens from the mobile app

The results

For the project to be a success it was crucial the app be engaging and stable with a smooth onboarding process for new users and have regularly updated content as well as simple tools to allow members to interact with one another. In early 2018, Clade enjoyed a successful launch to a carefully selected group of charter members who will be solely responsible for inviting others to use the service.

Our involvement in this project included the following:

  • Mobile app co-development

We made use of these technologies along the way:

  • React Native
  • Node.js
  • Express
  • SendBird
  • OneSignal

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