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Stubmatic Update [31 Oct 2011]

We have just rolled out an update to Stubmatic. Although on the surface stubmatic looks the same we have made some major changes to the underlying logic in preparation for some future enhancements that we are working on.

For now one of the biggest changes you will notice is we have updated the way events are published. We have changed the terminology from “published” to “listed” and events can now be listed and delisted from your box office at any time. For example, previously when an event was cancelled or sold out it remained on your box office, you can now optionally de-list these.

In addition to this we have made several fixes and tweaks to the system, including:

  1. Sold out events now correctly show as available if more tickets are added
  2. Layout tweaks to assist navigation.
  3. For new events created from today: Have made it clearer and simplified which email address PayPal payments are being sent to.

We are centralising product blogs back to our main blog so all updates to Stubmatic will be posted here from now on.

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