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Released: WP-Flickr WordPress Plugin

Thu Nov 29 2007

WP-Flickr is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add photos from Flickr to your posts, without leaving the WordPress write post / page editor. Browse your Flickr photostream, sets or favorites and select to insert into the page.

As part of a recent project, we needed to develop a custom WordPress plugin for our client. They have kindly allowed us to release it under the GNU licence, so if you feel it is useful, please feel free to download and install it. It is loosely based on the similar Flickr Tag WordPress plugin by Jeffery Maki however rather than parsing the page each time a post is viewed and generating the image tag, this version inserts the image tag directly into the post. In addition you can browse your Flickr Photostream, Sets and Favorites right from within the WordPress Admin pages, choosing the sizes available on flickr and inserting with a single click.

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