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Introducing the Go Tripod Twitter account

By the way, did we mention that Go Tripod has its own Twitter account?  Oh, it seems what with moving into our new office in Truro and working away on client projects that we might have forgotten to tell anyone.

However, you probably do know that we are quite active in the Twittersphere with our respective individual accounts.  And for those who choose not to tweet and be tweeted at (or if you just missed some), we thought we would occasionally use this blog to collect some of our “tweets of note” from recent weeks.

So here are some great tweets, retweets and links we thought would be worth sharing again.

@simonashley:  RT @freshbooks The Future of Freelance – What do clients want? – http://bit.ly/9R4oKY
@miletbaker:  Just trying out Sparrow the new lightweight Gmail app for OS X and it is Awesome http://bit.ly/apuLWX
@colinramsay:  RT @bengoldacre Times online readership 50,000, Guardian 37 million: also “future of journalism” etc from @arusbridger http://dlvr.it/8BrF9
@miletbaker:  Good Video on the darker side of positive thinking (i.e. The Secret) by @theRSAorg http://youtu.be/u5um8QWWRvo /via @iOlly
@gotripod:  Check out Cloud Backup for Sage 50 by our friends at @internetware – free until 30th Nov too! http://is.gd/g01V5
@myyada:  I’m enjoying looking at this: http://maps.thinkbroadband.com/ via @tomkiss @jemimakiss
@simonashley:  Ever wondered what colours to use with an image? http://www.pictaculous.com/
@myyada:  RT @lakey @georgerosier: Really interesting vid of an Augmented Reality future that isn’t all just advertising » http://bit.ly/d45Em5
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