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The Fractional CTO: A cost-effective way to get the technology expertise you need

What is a Fractional CTO?

In today’s digital landscape, nearly every business is, in some way, a software business. Regardless of whether you’re in property management, manufacturing, healthcare, or trading, software solutions have become integral to staying competitive and efficient. While most companies have an “IT person” to handle networking, email, and general PC maintenance, there’s a growing reliance on both off-the-shelf and bespoke software to gain a competitive edge.

Part-time CTO needed

However, many businesses lack a dedicated staff member to own and guide their software strategy. This gap often exists because business owners might not fully recognise that their operations are heavily reliant on software, or they may be constrained by limited funding or time.

This is where Go Tripod’s innovative offering, Chief Technology Officer as a Service comes into play. You may also see this referred to as a Fractional CTO. Either way, we have the experience to help you create and execute the best technology strategy for your business.

The role of the Chief Technology Officer

A Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is a senior executive responsible for managing an organisation’s technological needs and initiatives. They act as advisors to the business owners, crafting technology roadmaps that align with both the current industry standards and the specific needs of the business.

Traditionally, hiring a full-time CTO can be a significant investment, which might not be feasible for smaller companies or those in early growth stages. The Go Tripod service provides a flexible, cost-effective solution by offering the expertise of a CTO on an as-needed basis.

CTO as a service

Imagine having an expert available to sit in on crucial meetings with potential software partners. Our founders, who bring years of experience from a wide range of industries, can step in as your CTO for such occasions. This could range from a single meeting to ongoing consultations aimed at developing comprehensive software strategies. By leveraging our Fractional CTO Service, you can gain insights into industry best practices and the latest trends and developments, ensuring your business makes informed decisions that foster growth and innovation.

More than just attending IT meetings

But our service extends beyond just attending meetings. We can assist in developing long-term technology roadmaps that will position your business to outperform your competitors. Whether you’re considering integrating new technologies, optimising existing systems, or exploring innovative solutions to improve operational efficiency and UX, our CTO experts can provide the strategic guidance you need. We offer a sounding board for your ideas, from the most straightforward to the most ambitious, helping you to understand their feasibility and potential impact within the context of your industry.

For businesses experiencing growing pains, our CTO as a service is particularly beneficial. As organisations expand, so do their technological needs and challenges. Without the right expertise, it’s easy to make missteps that can hinder progress. Our seasoned professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and a strategic perspective, helping to navigate these growing pains smoothly and effectively.


In conclusion, our CTO as a Service offering is designed to bridge the technology leadership gap that many businesses face. By providing on-demand access to top-tier CTO expertise, we enable businesses to make smarter, more strategic technology decisions. Whether you need a one-time consultation or ongoing support, our team is ready to help you harness the power of technology to drive your business forward.

To learn more about how our CTO as a Service can benefit your organisation, simply email hello@gotripod.com, call us on 0845 475 2487 or complete the form below.

Let Go Tripod help you turn your technological vision into reality and elevate your business to new heights.

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