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Dynamic Nested Forms in Rails 2.3+ Using RJS

Rails 2.3 delivered a new feature that allows you to easily write forms in rails that can process nested attributes for related objects using the accepts_nested_attributes_for method in your models. Now there is a plugin to make adding and removing nested forms a walk in the park!

I am not going to go into detail about this feature as Ryan Daigle has an excellent write up on his blog.

However I have been looking at ways to easily add and remove nested form blocks using Javascript/RJS and came across a good method of achieving this by Marsvin on the RailsForum website.

We have used this method a few times now, so thought we would roll it up into a plugin. Simply install the plugin to give you two new view helpers that allow you to create links to add and remove these nested form item partials using RJS.

Visit the plugin’s page on GitHub to install or view the documentation.

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