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A Happy Go Tripod New Year

As 2018 hurtles away from us in the rear-view mirror, 2019 leaps upon us with its loving embrace. It’s time for us to look back, and forward, and take stock of where Go Tripod has been and where it’s going.

Double Down on Software

Last year we focused on the things we do well. We started off by launching our new website which saw us double our visits and increase our visitor count. We added a host of case studies (with many more to come!) and, by becoming the master of one trade, we let those new visitors know exactly what we’re about. We made inroads into working with the larger Cornish software community, something that was long coming, and we finally settled on a range of hosting options that provide security and peace of mind for our clients. We worked with WordPress a lot, improving security, performance, and our general development process.

Kick On

2018 felt like a year of consolidation, of certainty, and of improvement. In 2019, we’ll continue to review all aspects of our business, but we’ll be looking to do more research into techniques to take us to the next level. We’re working with a range of clients, new and old:

There are some exciting technologies coming to maturity that we’d like to leverage. Google Firebase has the Firestore real-time database in beta, allowing us to provide resilient offline-capable databases to our projects. Facebook continues to develop the React library, with exciting new features such as Hooks and Suspense coming soon, and those will help us improve performance when we create complex user interfaces. WordPress has released their long-anticipated version 5.0, and we’ll be looking to see how the new Gutenberg editor can improve the experience for our clients.

We’re also implementing some of the ideas raised during our hosting research and moving TDK-Lambda‘s infrastructure to Microsoft Azure. This will provide greater resilience for their database and application, as well as opening up exciting options for future development.

We’re really excited about 2019. If you’d like to hear what we could offer you in the year to come, please get in touch!


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