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A walkthrough on how to use Cairngorm with Flex or Air

Fri Jun 06 2008

The Flex scene seems to be lacking in beginners’ guides to Cairngorm (maybe they are just alluding my Google searches) so I have put together (larger than hoped) a four part series that guides you through how I use Cairngorm.

For those of you who have read my articles on Tom Bray’s EasyMVC, this may sound surprising. I have previously posted articles on how to scale up EasyMVC into a Micro-architecture similar to Cairngorm. However, the rationale behind these articles was to help developers who implement EasyMVC and find their app out grows the implementation that Tom originally presented, and not as a blueprint for architecting apps. EasyMVC is a great framework for small Flex apps and Flex widgets where using Cairngorm would be the equivalent of taking a sledgehammer to a walnut. If you know in advance you application is going to be fairly sizable, use Cairngorm (or something like PureMVC if you prefer).

Before I get started, there is a slight disclaimer: I am going to present my own approach to using Cairngorm which does deviate from the documented approach, namely around services. I feel it is simpler, but you may beg to differ. I do not present this as the best solution or a perfect solution, but it is a tried and tested solution which hopefully will get more developers understanding and using Cairngorm where appropriate.

In essence this series should give you all you need to know to get started with Cairngorm.


Part 1 – Setting up a project for Cairngorm
Part 2 – The Model
Part 3 – Commands
Part 4 – Services
Cairngorm Demo Source Files

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